Paid only once, works forewer.
No hidden cost's, no mothly fee's.

Reasonable priced,
with best support you ever saw.


Software prices are designed to allow you (as business owner) to easy and fast start your own MLM business. Below price list include:

1. Hosting on our web servers (your domain (, email (webmail), database, scripts etc.).
2. Setup of databases, scripts, email accounts, FTP accounts… so you can quick start your business.
3. Email support for 1 year.
4. Video films where you can learn of how to start to use the software.
5. Upgrades to new versions for 1 year.

Below Prices means one time payment.
There is NO additional costs or monthly fees, per member fees etc. Next year, hosting + new versions + support is priced $400/year.
If you use your own hosting, and if you don’t need new versions and support, you don’t need to pay anything more to us, ever.

For fixed, reasonable price, you receive complete software containing your compensation plan, configured and ready to go.

If you want to use Installment Payments, please contact us and we will give you detailed instructions.

Below is list of most important features (Key features). If you need some feature(s) which our software does not contain, please contact us. We can help, for sure!

Unlimited database records (members, invoices, products ...) Yes Yes
Replicated Shopping-cart for every member Yes Yes
Shopping-cart with 20 languages and currencies Yes Yes
Genealogy/Tree view with details for each member(invoices, volume, tasks,commission...) Yes Yes
Commission calculating with group report Yes Yes
Detailed PDF commission report for each downline Yes Yes
Own logo/brand on login window, Contact Us page, Shopping-cart ... Yes Yes
Every day Backup (if using our hosting) Yes Yes
Send Invoice by Email, Print to PDF or MS Word Yes Yes
Calendar and tasks for every member Yes Yes
Newsletter management Yes Yes
Custom compensation plan (programming) with E-wallet Yes Yes
On each Shopping-cart, option to signup of new members. Automatic sponsorship detection Yes Yes
Members access management (Manage User access to procedures) Yes Yes
Document management with preview option Yes Yes
Premium support (Free for 1 year) Yes Yes
Statistics module (per member, product, webshop, total invoices,members) Yes Yes
MOBILE version (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) Yes Yes
Report Designer Yes
API for Developers Yes
SMS module Yes
Email client for every member Yes
PRICE $2,000 $2,500

Above Prices means one time payment.
If you want to use Installment Payments, please contact us and we will give you detailed instructions.

If you want to start using your own compensation plan, here are the steps of how we work:
1. Initial payment link ($500) is here. After your payment, we will assign a first free developer to your project, so he will upload scripts and database to WEB server and prepare your project. We also send you video films where you can see and learn of how to work with the software.
2. You create your compensation plan in Excel file, with some examples and descriptions, and send it to us. Please note: Software price is fixed if you use one way compensation plan and 1 bonus. Otherwise, we need to agree about the price (before we start).
3. We review your plan and ask questions, ask for more info etc. (if needed). When we understand your requirements, we start to work. Programming takes about 7-14 days (average).
4. After we finished programming of your compensation plan, we send you link to your software so you can test it. Before that, we agree about hosting - do you use our server or yours - our hosting is first year free of charge.
5. After you test it and you say it is OK, you pay additional amount and we give you permanent license. You can also pay using instalments - in that case, we need to define them before we start.
You can start to use the software immediately.